Is Everything Efficient Effective?

Is everything efficient effective?

On a daily basis, my aim, like the cultures aim, is to make all things efficient. Like the way I order my Timmies first thing in the morning, to the procedure of getting ready for bed. In my brain, the most effective things are the most efficient things. I spend a significant amount of time trying to make my time significant. Failure sets in when I feel I wasn’t as efficient as I could have been.

Are all things efficient effective? I want to have meaning and provide meaning for others. I want to be influenced and be able to influence others. But I wonder if I take shortcuts towards efficiency that actually diminish the potential for effectiveness or meaning?

Perhaps, a small practice of being still, or taking the longer way to work, perhaps even walking to Tim Hortons (through the drive thru) would provide just a s much meaning or more. What if efficiency is actually leading us away from meaning and significance?

Now I know some are saying amen! Because they want any reason to be in-efficient or to avoid discipline and order. But just some thoughts for most of us in society who think efficiency is always effective.

-Wayne Dewhurst

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