nbbc-real-book-approved-logoWhy Our Church?

Many newcomers have expressed that we have a strong sense of community here in the Tansley and surrounding neighbourhoods of Burlington, Ontario. Adults and children of all ages here are encouraged to learn & develop their faith in real practical ways. As a group of neighbours, we join God on His mission of restoring people and creation. We look forward to ways that new people can help us better form to this mission. We do this together to reflect Jesus better in our world.
The mission of our church is to be REAL reflections of Jesus. His way is the truth for living and brings peace, joy and hope in healing our past, living in the present and into our future. If you wish to become a part of our community please reach out. We have gatherings online and in person both indoors and outdoors. We may even be your neighbour? 

Our Team


Merv Budd

Lead Pastor

Shari Markovich
Family Pastor