Why Acts?

We strongly believe that the church is not shutdown, locked up or closed! The church is active in that we continue to be Jesus to one another, our neighbours and even choose to love our enemies. These ACTS of showing Jesus to the world is the purpose of the church.
The mission of our church is God’s mission; the redeeming of all creation.We do this by being REAL people reflecting Jesus character and life. If you wish to be His disciples than here are some ways to participate. Below are some practical examples for each of our sermon series on how God is calling us to ACT.
ACTS = Applied Content to Serve

Imitating Jesus Pt4

  1. Simply exercise the gifts you have. The Spirit will enable you to do more than what natural abilities and talents can do so don’t be afraid to offer yourself in doing what God has gifted you to do.
  2. Don’t be afraid to step out and act on your hunches.
  3. Invite others you trust to help you test and discern what you think the spirit might be saying or where He might be leading.

Imitating Jesus Pt5



Imitating Jesus Pt6



Imitating Jesus Pt1

  1. Start with small steps of Holy leisure. Allow your pace of life to slow down:
    • Take a nap.
    • Go and pop-in on a neighbour for a porch visit and talk about nothing in particular.
    • Watch the sun set down by the lake.
    • Take a bath instead of a shower.
    • Just sit and relax doing nothing, having nothing, wanting nothing.
    • Take a walk just for the pleasure of it and not the health benefits.
    • Memorize Jesus words in Mark 6:31 “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” And just spend time emphasizing and thinking about one word at a time.


  1. Practice the habit of taking excursion into contemplative opportunities. Allow your self to pick up on an ongoing conversation with God during:
    • Red lights.
    • Elevator rides.
    • Being put on hold.
    • Waiting to fall asleep.
    • Standing in the shower.


  1. Experiment with some different times and lengths of intentional, quiet, uninterrupted space with God:
    • Set your alarm early just once to go for a sunrise walk and pray.
    • Schedule time in your Day-Timer to have a picnic lunch on a park bench in silence.
    • Plan a personal day retreat to think about your life and not just react to it.
    • Plan a month without car radio, or a week without TV.
    • Wake up at 2:00 a.m. and light a candle to remind you of Christ’s presence and watched its soft glow for an hour.

Imitating Jesus Pt2

Start with an inventory of where you need to improve and then engage in practices that train you in that area:

  • If you struggle with pride, perhaps you can engage in the practice of serving others which leads us to many little deaths of going beyond ourselves.
  • If we are compulsive in satisfying our flesh in some way, giving in to some fleshly appetite, then engage in the practice of fasting and denying our flesh, training our heart to be content and to control our senses by the grace of God.
  • If we are lacking faith, practice spontaneous worship where we learn to see the Lord high and lifted up, worthy and sufficiently able.
  • Share your journey with others, expose your failings and invite trusted friends to pray for you, to hold you accountable, offer counsel and to encourage you.

Imitating Jesus Pt3


  • Offer yourself in doing what God has gifted you to do.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out and act on your hunches.
  • Invite others you trust to help you test and discern what you think the spirit might be saying or where He might be leading.
  • Beware of the tendency to limit where the Spirit blows (i.e. how he leads you).


Think about a way that you might show another person love. Creatively plan to demonstrate love to someone who you don’t know as well. Perhaps a neighbour down the block that you appreciate, or a person at work that you used to see all the time and now, because of COVID you haven’t seen for many months, or perhaps its someone in the church you don’t know that well but admire.


  1. You can sign the petition to have Pornhub closed down. It is only available online but we’ll add the link to our Facebook page as well an article concerning this that has been put out by the EFC regarding a law that is going to introduced to parliament about this. And for those of you who despair thinking “what good will it do?” you need to know that just this past December 14 Visa, Mastercard and Discovery all cut their ties with Pornhub due to the allegations and pressure of people.
  2. If you are a parent and you haven’t done so already, take time to understand what your child is being taught in the sex-ed curriculum of your school. Shari has put together a resource that we will make available to anyone who emails or contacts the church requesting it.
  3. In light of the fact that so much of the Samson story has to do with cultural compromise, take 15 minutes this week to ask and listen to God about where you may be compromising and take action, either radically or incrementally to change.


The Fleshing Floor

Experiment with different places where you might feel the presence of God. A beach, a nature trail, a garden, a cozy corner, a busy park, a mall – if possible. Just go to some location and tell God your only intention is to meet with Him and ask Him to make His presence known to you, to impress Himself upon your heart and mind. See what happens. It’s an experiment, try it and just be mindful and curious as you remain open to what He might reveal. Just give yourself enough time so that you are not rushed, and enough time so that you can quiet your thoughts to be more present to Him, and more mindful of the condition of your own heart.




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