Since March 15th 2020, NBBC has been under the
YELLOW LIGHT protocol & now move to
the red
 light protocol

(NBBC’s Bad Weather and Emergency Situation Procedure)
This has meant that all our events, programs & groups have been postponed until future notice.
A procedure and policy document has been created by a reopening committee and approved by the NBBC Board.

What this means for you:

Sunday Morning Gathering will now only be online until MAY 9th, 2021.
The office is closed to the public. If you require a pastor or elder please call our office @ 905.335.5808 or email one of them directly.
Sunday Gatherings are @ 10am on:
NBBC YouTube Channel.
Church Center app (downloadable on mobile devices or through the website)

Cogeco production is the following Sunday Cogeco Channel HD700
Online giving, E-transfer & Text-to-give are easy ways to give to the church.
Expenses continue and additional expenses are incurred as we comply with health regulations.

Pastoral encouragement:

Do not Fear. We recognize that we live in anxious times and fear is a dominant emotion. We encourage you to draw close to the love of God who drive out fear (1 John 4:18) and to equip yourself with truth by getting information from reliable sources like the government of Canada’s website. As well as Halton Regions Covid 19 page.

At times of crisis the church can serve as a light of hope. Be prepared to share that hope with others and continue to look for where God is at work, even in crisis, and how you might join Him.