Have you ever thought about getting to know your neighbours?
Take this quick test…
Fill out a chart like this
by naming your neighbours.
How did you do?
Not unlike most people we are not that familiar with those around us for a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons are about self… too busy, not enough time, i mind my own business, they are different than me, we have nothing in common …
What would our lives be like if we knew our neighbours? Their names, occupations, what makes them tick, what matters most to them etc.
Wouldn’t our neighbourhoods be better places for it?
Wouldn’t our own lives benefit from caring relationships?
Wouldn’t we find deeper meaning and purpose?
You might say, “It’s too awkward or requires too much effort.”
What if we continued not to engage our community?
Is the risk or effort worth it?
It is likely that your neighbours is asking the same questions! Who will take the risk?
Maybe there already is a group connecting together… we may know of a few!
A good place to start is Social Media…
see a few links below!

In BURLINGTON we have Groups that meet in several of our Missional Communities.

Are you interested in seeing what is happening in your area? Contact