Since March 15th 2020, NBBC has been under the
RED LIGHT protocol & now move to
the yellow light protocol
(NBBC’s Bad Weather and Emergency Situation Procedure)


This has meant that all our events, programs & groups have been postponed.
Coming September 2020 we are considering a soft reopening of our building for Sunday mornings and rental agencies. A procedure and policy document has been created by a reopening committee and approved by the NBBC Board.

What this means for you:

Sunday Morning Gathering will now be both online and LIVE at our building. Here is what is required for those coming to the building:
– pre-registration
– no touch entry (checkin and verify health questions)
– masks at all times in the building
– 6ft social distancing
– no singing
– hand washing
What you will enjoy:
– LIVE Facebook segment with interaction with audience
– LIVE Prayer, Scripture Reading & Preaching
– LIVE waving hello and story telling
– LIVE tech team providing an online experience & Cogeco production
*Kits are provided for children & masks are available for emergency
We are continuing to live stream our services on NBBC YouTube Channel. Please participate in sending stories where you see God at work via email or live chat.
Here are the weekly roles we are looking for:
4 HOSTS (16 total on a monthly rotation)
– to help with cleaning procdures, checkin & seat those who come to the building
2 Cameras
1 Switcher
1 Audio Sound Board
1 Visual (Zoom & videos)
1 Production Manager
1 Lighting